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The world we live in today is increasingly becoming more tricky to navigate . We discover that the previously harmless diseases are now harmful. The cures we have for most of these diseases turn out to be making things worse. The dangers of globalized networks whose risks have chain reaction effects don’t also make things easier. One of the medical challenges of our time today is the one reported in Clay Siegall’s blog, and this challenge is the one about how children who suffer congenital heart disease will be facing new challenges in the future as adults.

As a form of the summary of the blog post, we can report here that according to an NPR report, the children who have defective congenital hearts will more likely suffer when they’re adults because of the complications that will finally resurface. This is in line with the concept of iatrogenics, which explains how the benefits we have right now will have their damages later on when we least expect them.

Clay Siegall’s blog also contains many other latest updates on what’s happening in our modern life. In fact, in another blog post, Mr. Clay wrote about how the NFL right now is scouting Lake Dawson for a potential GM job.

About Clay Siegall

Speaking of Clay Siegall, we should state here that Clay Siegall has built a name in being the CEO of Seattle Genetics. What does he do for a living? Simple. He makes the lives of many people better with the solutions and technological innovations that he’s led. With Seattle Genetics, which he co-founded and in which he is the president, he’s been able to grow an international company that right now has a NASDAQ stock market share.

Not for nothing is Clay Siegall known as one of today’s leading and successful business leaders. With his current economic success and his trademark measure of calm, it is little wonder why he’s one of the business leaders today worth emulating. It may even be accurate to say that his risk-taking skills are marked with intrepid, but skeptical optimism.

The more Seattle Genetics pushes for and promotes its programs, the more impressive does Clay become in the eyes of his investors and trustworthy clients.

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