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If you ever wished that you had more control over the lighting in your home, then smart lighting is the perfect solution for you. This lighting solution is very easy to install in homes that already have smart systems. Users can easily control the entire system from their smartphones or smartwatches even when they are not at home.
It is easy to control the amount of light in each room with Gooee’s smart light bulbs. If you need the little tyke to go to bed at a certain hour, then set the lights to start dimming a little ahead of that time. Continue to decrease the amount of light and they will soon be lulled to sleep. The great news is that once the system learns the information, it will repeat it every day.
If you have ever left home and wondered if you remembered to turn off the lights, then smart lighting solutions are for you. By simply looking at your phone or other connected device, you can easily tell what lights are on and turn them off if needed.
There is no need to keep stumbling into your home in the dark. Instead, teach the system when you will be home and it will automatically turn on the lights for you. If you are going away for awhile, then the system can control which lights are on in your home making it harder for a prowler to suspect if anyone is home.

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