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Nobilis Health is well known for that management of acute care facilities and the provision of the ambulatory services. Nobilis Health focuses on improving the access to care and patient outcomes through the delivery of invasive procedures that are minimally invasive. These procedures are typically performed in a low-cost outpatient setting. The company is known to make use of direct to patient marketing and proprietary technologies that are ground-breaking to drive education and patient engagement. Nobilis Health has seven surgical facilities that are located in Dallas, Scottsdale, and Houston. These facilities are in contractual partnership with other services that are in Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee. Nobilis Health is known to perform systematic research on the most appropriate marketing channels that are modern to be able to identify the most suitable mix of education and patient awareness. The traditional channels include the television, print, radio, and point of care methods while the marketing channels consist of search, social, web, google and mobile. Nobilis Health has campaigns that make use of blending the professional and consumer marketing tactics so as to be able to identify and at the same time recruit the appropriate candidates for each program. The consumer marketing tactics include websites, paid search, local marketing, and in-house call center. The professional marketing tactics comprise of referral coordinators, patient fax referral forms, and the patient referral cards. The main capability of the company lies in the growth and the management of successful and well specialized surgical centers. Identification of proper marketing mix often leads to the realization of patient education objectives such as the recognition of symptoms, availability of various treatment options, awareness of specific disease state and condition, making aware to the patient his right to treatment, and finally the promotion of fruitful dialogue with treatment experts. Nobilis Health combines conscientious marketing with excellence in the implementation so as to move the patient through the patient continuum. The continuum involves the awareness and education phase to the point of active research, decision, and commitment. When the patient has shown his resolve in obtaining more information, the company’s call center and the firm’s relationship experts engage with the patient actively. The primary objective is to assist the patient through their journey. The integrated, end-to-end marketing proposition is the hallmark of competency, and it is the value which mainly separates Nobilis Health with other companies offering the same services.