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We usually imagine that doctors are extremely healthy. Why wouldn’t we? They know far more about the health of the human body than the average person, so it makes total sense that a doctor would be healthy. Unfortunately, doctors are just like the rest of us – they sometimes have to deal with health issues, and as Dr. Rob Vasquez discovered, doctors are not immune from being overweight.
According to a report from News4SanAntonio, Dr. Vaquez found himself struggling with being overweight for the vast majority of his adult life, and after trying all sorts of different diet options, from shakes to frozen, pre-packaged meals, he had given up on getting a healthy body. Thankfully, however, he discovered Nutrimost ( With this weight loss system Dr. Vasquez was able to lose an amazing 60 pounds in less than a year, and best of all, he kept all the weight off!

Everyone often post their complains on twitter that it’s difficult to lose weight, and it’s inspiring to see a physician realize that sometimes it can be difficult for a person to drop the added pounds on their bodies. To see a doctor utilize a type of tool, like Nutrimost, truly is something that can help the rest of us to realize that occasionally we all need a little bit of help to get ourselves into shape.