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The reviews are in and Dr. Rod Rohrich is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas. The plastic surgeon is considered an absolutely brilliant doctor with superb skills that make him stand out in a crowd of plastic surgeons that are located in Dallas. The doctor is also a professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center teaching plastic surgery to the next generation of plastic surgeons. The surgeon is recognized in Dallas and across America as a leading surgeon, performing with medical knowledge and artistic skills to reshape a patient’s face or body.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Awards

The plastic surgeon is known for his remarkable skill and artistic talent in plastic surgery. He has also been recognized for his remarkable work and received several awards. In fact, Dr. Rod Rohrich is a 3-time Recipient of Plastic Surgery Foundation Distinguished Service Award. This is an amazing accomplishment. He was also voted Texas Monthly Super Doctor, the US News and World Report Best Plastic Surgeons, and many more.

Plastic Surgery Services Offered

Dr. Rod Rohrich offers a wide variety of plastic surgery services to people within the Dallas community. A few of the most requested plastic surgeries include the following.

  • Rhinoplasty – Requested to reshape the nose
  • Facelift – Process to rejuvenate the face
  • Breast Augmentation – A process to enhance the size of the breast or reshape the breast
  • Revision Rhinoplasty – A secondary nose job
  • Lip Augmentation – to plump and smooth out fine lines around the lips
  • Liposuction – A method used to reduce fat in the body

Private Consultation

Plastic surgery is a major step for many women and men. Therefore, it is vital to request a consultation with Dr. Rod Rohrich to learn more about the entire process and to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure that is requested. Meet with Dr. Rod Rohrich and let him explain all of the options that are available to you. Certainly, Dr. Rohrich believes that a more informed individual is one that will be satisfied with their procedure.

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