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Today’s hottest chapstick is EOS lip balm, evolution of smooth. You get amazing chapstick in an attractive, soft round container. The cute colors and flavors guarantee customer satisfaction. The best part is that you can get it at about the same price as all the boring cylinder tubes that have been around for years. EOS made a break just over seven years ago but has made a lasting impression on many users.

Targeting the millennial generation for change has helped create EOS lip balm into the empire on the rise. The younger generation is more and more into a daily beauty routine, including moisturizing your lips. The bright, round container of EOS caught their eyes when standing in the drug store aisle, watching their favorite beauty reviews online, and in tabloids. Some of today’s hottest celebrities were spotted with the adorable containers as well as the social media (see, beauty reviewers. This quickly sparked many younger women to try this amazing lip balm from evolutionofsmooth that has an even cuter container.

EOS took a leap into the competition of chapsticks in hopes of providing something new and exciting to users that would provide them with the best moisturizer that they could have. According to Amazon, the company continues to grow with a projection of 1 million units a week.

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