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Eric Pulier has made a career out of being in the right place at the right time. If you are in the right place once it may be a coincidence but if you do it over and over again, it is a skill. Eric Pulier is currently running vAtomic Systems and that has been his primary focus for the past couple of years. vAtomic Systems is a type of disruptive technology that has helped to bring micro-transactions into the common place that they are today. Pulier’s work has been enlightening to watch from the perspective of potential entrepreneur and he is definitely worth learning from.

Born in New Jersey, Eric Pulier was raised to love technology from a young age. Pulier worked hard while in grade school to learn to program computers and before he even graduated high school he was turning it into a business enterprise. Pulier’s early life did a lot to inform what he has done later on in life. For Pulier, passion was always the guiding force for his work. Loving computers in the ’80s wasn’t easy because they weren’t as saturated in the market as they are today, so Pulier had to really commit himself to it. That commitment has paid off in spades, however, as he now sits as one of Los Angeles biggest entrepreneurs.

Along the way Eric Pulier has made a habit out of doing some pretty integral things to keep his routine in tact. Pulier knows that you can’t get ahead as an entrepreneur unless you focus on cultivating your ideas and expanding them in important ways. That is why Eric Pulier likes to collect ideas throughout the week in a sketchbook or his cell phone. At the end of the week he’ll go over the ideas and see which ones maintain their integrity and which ones might work well with one another.

As an entrepreneur Eric Pulier knows that the key to success is to always be striving. As the father of four children Pulier has become more understanding of how to balance that hard work with family integrity.

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