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     Fagali’I Airport is an airport on the Samoan Islands. It is owned and run by the Polynesian Airline. The Fagali’I Airport is to the south-east of Apia, roughly 5km away in the village of Fagali’I-Uta. It began as an airstrip and later became an international airport. The airport has experienced tussles over its operations. It was closed and later re-opened in 2002, July.

In 2005, however, the airport was decommissioned. That was as a result of concerns over the airport’s noise pollution and safety. The concerns were raised by the government and the villagers in Fagali’I-Uta. The Polynesian Airlines fought the case and re-opened the airport in 2009. Under them, the airport started plying international routes.

Besides Polynesian Airline, some airlines also operate through Fagali’I. These include Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. The international destinations for flights from Fagali’I include Pago Pago and American Samoa.

A third DHC-6 Twin Otter has enhanced the airport’s services to the Samoan Islands. It was acquired by the Polynesian Airline in 2009. It has dramatically improved their inter-island flights, which went to Faleolo through the Pago-Pago route, and Samoa and Manu ’an Islands located East of Tutuila. The FagaliÍ Airport offers two flights to Taú per week and a single flight to Ofu-Olosega Islands.

The Samoan government, on the Samoa Islands fully own the Polynesian Airline thus the Fagali’I Airport. The Airline was founded in 1959. It initially had flights to and fro Apia and Pago Pago. Polynesian Airline’s services are affordable, efficient and convenient.

Currently, they have expanded to having global destinations. The airport is proximal to Apia, located in Samoa’s rain forest. It is a tourist town. The location makes hotels and resorts accessible to the travelers. Transport services are also readily available to and from the airport.

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