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The Fox News Network should do a better job vetting their guests because their latest guest backfired big time. Thor Halvorssen was recently brought onto the network to discuss socialism, but Fox News is a conservatively slanted organization. Their intention was obvious — they wanted to make Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, look as bad as possible.

Why did Fox News bring the founder of the Human Rights Foundation on to the show to slam socialism? Well, Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls. The Vermont Senator has a real chance to claim the Democratic nomination as the states that have yet to vote favor the Senator over Hillary Clinton. It looks like Fox News was preparing for a theoretical general election against Bernie Sanders. They had to get to work slamming him and his proposals to help the Republicans win the Presidency. So they use words like Socialism as a negative, but little did they know that Thor Halvorssen was about to give them a lesson.

The interviewer prefaces the piece about socialism, labeling it bad and asking Thor why it is bad. Mr. Halvorssen then explains that socialism is not bad but it is dictators that use socialism as a weapon that are bad. Thor is then asked to explain socialism and is asked again why it is bad in an attempt to misinform viewers about Bernie Sanders and his policies. That’s when Thor drops the bomb on the conservative network.

“I actually gave the largest donation allowable to the campaign of Bernie Sanders.”

The hostess squealed her next question in disgust, “Why?” Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, then goes on to explain that he would rather have a Democratic Socialist as the president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton, he explains, takes donations from international dictators; the very people that the Human Rights Foundation fights against. And he says that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, publicly supports Putin who happens to be another dictator.

In the end, though, the network did get Thor to slam Hillary which would be viewed as a small victory. Find Halvorssen on Facebook for more news and updates.