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If you’re a pizza lover, then you’ve probably heard of Steve Ritchie a couple of times. But who is Steve Ritchie? And why is he a household name in the pizza industry? Well, we have all the answers.

Steve Ritchie is the President and CEO of the world’s third-largest pizza delivery company, Papa John’s International, Inc. Ritchie, currently 44, started working at Papa John’s in 1996 and served as a customer service representative, earning $6 per hour. Thanks to his dedication and handwork, Ritchie was promoted from being an hourly customer service rep to a delivery driver. A few years later, he was promoted to Director of Operations.

In 2006, Ritchie became the franchise owner and operator. In 2010, he was named Vice President Operations & Global OST. He was in charge of all aspects of the global operating support functions and strategic initiatives. In August 2011, Papa John’s leadership appointed Ritchie as Senior Vice President of North & Latin American Operations and Global OST. Ritchie was appointed as Senior Vice President of Global Operations & Global Operations Support and Training in 2013, a position he held until May 2014. In 2015, was named the company’s President.

Steve Ritchie’s Achievements

As CEO and President of Papa John’s, Mr. Ritchie has helped the pizza delivery company expand to more regions and countries and improve customer experience. The exceptional CEO also brought on board digital marketing experts like Mike Nettles and Brandon Rhoten, and this made it easy for Papa John’s to incorporate digital marketing into its winning strategies.

But that’s not all. Ritchie has continued to champion the core principles that made Papa John’s the industry leader in product quality and customer satisfaction. He also recently introduced a training program, “unconscious bias training”, which will not only help the company make a positive impact in the community but also drive diversity and inclusion. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has also helped the company come up with unique company policies and incentives that have helped improve productivity and employee retention. Recently, Steve has written a message to its customers. You can read it here.

The exceptional leader resides in Hike Point with his Wife Melissa Ritchie. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, leadership development, and education.

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