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When District Attorney George Gascon was the police chief, he had a close relationship with the police union. Back then, he was unconcerned about diversity in the Police Department. During a night out with the union leaders, he made racist remarks. Today, George claims that the same union is obstructionist.
Gary Delagnes, the former Police Officer association president, submitted these assertions among others in his sworn declaration. The declarations were presented to the task force that Gascon had planned to look into the homophobia and racism claims in the police department. In his testimony, Delagnes asserted that the police union has a strong influence over the decisions made by either chief of police or police commissioner. Delagnes has been in the force for 25 years. He has also served as the president of the association for 9 year. Delagnes was quite famous for his verbal punch lines.
He talked about a dinner that he had with Gascon, Martin Halloran, the current president of the association, and a representative of the union. During the dinner, he recounted how Gascon talked about his tenure at the Los Angeles Police Department and made many statements about minorities. At one point, he was loud that one of the patrons asked him to control himself, as he was being offensive. In a separate interview, Halloran supported Delagnes sentiments but just like Halloran, he refused to give specifics details of the events. This information was originally published on SF Gate as explained .
In response to the declaration, the district attorney’s office said that Delagnes had good imaginations that make up for his lack of credibility. This could be seen as an attempt to shift the blame of the Police Department activities to others instead of the real perpetrators. Delagnes decided to air his views when he heard that Gascon had expressed his worries over the state of the Police Department. Gascon said that he was more worried today than when he was the chief of the department.
Delagnes mentioned that Gascon helped resolve majority of the disciplinary actions involving officers. He never went against the discipline system or showed displeasure with the associations approach. He was in full support on how the association handled internal and external issues.


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