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The economic collapse of 2008 and the ensuing strife that unfolded in its aftermath as the fallout from risky decisions made on Wall Street rippled across the country left more than just financial ruin in its wake. Beyond the immediate effects felt across the country with loss of jobs, historic rates of foreclosures, as well as small business shuttering their doors, a deeper crisis began to arise. American citizens began to lose faith in the financial system. This loss of faith continues to persist despite the relatively optimistic improvements made over the last several years. The fact remains unchanged, after watching the country experience the second worst financial crisis since its inception, Americans continue to view the entire system as fundamentally flawed.


The Change to Come


Leading the charge to correct the perceptions of Americans countrywide is a former leader of SEC and current Cheif Compliance Officer for Hall Capital LLC, Helane Morrison. The newest addition to the executive board of Hall Capital aims to bring transparency, honesty, and complete compliance within federal regulations in a bid to sway over a country weary of financial professionals acting in their best interest only.


The very same strong-willed approach to maintaining core values while instilling trust that has been evident throughout her entire career is on full display once again at Hall Capital.


Restoring Faith in the Market


Of the greatest challenges added to ensuring one the largest firms in San Francisco is conducts business stringently applying to all federal regulations, Helane Morrison faces an upward battle regaining the trust of potential investors who are still wary of investing any capital they may have held onto despite the crisis.


The image of shady back house dealings and rampant collusion is a hard brand to break but when faced with one of the largest tent poles of Hall Capitals new commitment to transparency spearheaded by Morrison herself, the battle to reclaim investor’s trust becomes less of a fight.


Experience Comes from Both Sides


Helane Morrison backs up her strong commitments made to Hall Capital’s clients with years of experience not only working within the industry but also heading the agency tasked with maintaining it.


The valued experience gained during her time leading the SEC is indispensable in being able to lead a change not only in public perception but continuing Hall Capital’s competitive edge over other firms.


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