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Darius Fisher is in the business of online reputation management. He is the president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm that aims to help clients manage their own reputation so that they can maintain their business. However, the skills of both Status Labs and Darius Fisher has been put to the test when a bad report about the company went public. Darius Fisher and the staff at Status Labs has taken steps in order to improve their on reputation so that people will continue to do business with them. Darius Fisher himself has thought about a plan in order to move the company forward.

One thing that Darius Fisher understood was that the best way to improve reputation was to change behavior. In fact, it is the only way to make sure that one’s reputation has a lasting change. When Status Labs rebuilt its reputation, they took its time so that they can come up with a new way of handling business that is satisfactory while still being who they are as a company. Among the actions Fisher has done with his company was make adjustments to the staffing so that the company can be more effective in serving clients.

Another thing that Darius Fisher has valued and suggested that Status Labs take part in was getting involved in the community. There are many things that Status Labs has done in order to show that it cares for its community. They not only gave to charities, but they also worked with quite a few nonprofit companies and charities such as Urban Roots, Capital Food Bank of Texas, and Dress for Success. Status Labs has shown that it cares about people. People love businesses that help them feel valued. Darius Fisher makes sure that clients and other people feel valued.

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