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When Hussain Sajwani left his father’s retail store to join the school of medicine in Baghdad, he did not know that he would quit immediately only to relocate to America and enroll at the University of Washington for economics and engineering. However, he set out on a path of success and journeyed through all the challenges into the current talk of the city. The DAMAC owner continues to set an alarming growing trend in the real estate market. This article describes his early life and the journey to succeeding in real estate.


Early Life


Hussain Sajwani had a rather busy childhood working with his father in his retail outlet. At tender age, he was already dealing with clients from all walks of life. Some of the lessons his father imparted in him at that moment included processing all orders with the intention of supplying the demands of clients. Therefore, he cultivated the virtue of patience and learned how to please clients at the same time. Additionally, the DAMAC owner learned the value of coordinating activities within the retail store. That way, he would quickly leverage his services and save time to study within the day.


Learning how to Interact with Clients


From working with his father, Hussain Sajwani developed a particular interest in the business. However, he did not want to work for his father anymore. For that reason, he decided to pursue education and land an employment opportunity at GASCO Company. It was while working in that firm that Sajwani garnered the courage to establish his career in business. Without more ado, the DAMAC owner channeled all the financial resources he had from GASCO Company to create a food catering business.


More on His Business


A few years into the establishment of the food catering business, the DAMAC owner was already flourishing in success. Amazingly, he managed to garner a vast client base within Dubai and the Middle East. With that move, he was able to leverage his catering services to a larger population. Other than that, he focused on building a different business that would serve as a backup plan at the moment. As he recalls in most of his interviews, there were challenges in setting up DAMAC Properties because he was unsure of client’s feedback at the moment. Luckily for him, the business flourished as well.


The Outline


Currently, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is glad to be part of the controlling population of Dubai’s real estate market. Additionally, to strategically position the brand, he decided to partner with the likes of President Trump alongside the prominent Tiger Woods in establishing branded golf courses.

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