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The IAP Worldwide Services’ range of services includes supplying critical services to military operations, undertaking disaster management tasks, and aircraft and airways’ maintenance. In order to provide such services, the company adheres to a number of core organizational principles. Some of their main values are being focused on the mission at hand, acquiring necessary capabilities through innovations and partnerships, agility in their management, and commitment to their core values and ethics.

IAP Worldwide Services boasts of being a reliable supplier of technical and technological services to sensitive government agencies such as the air force, and the navy. Through their expeditionary services, IAP ensures that when contracted to support a mission, the people on the ground can access all necessary services in order to complete their mission successfully. This includes offering logistical services for goods and people, supplying field medical supplies, building temporary and permanent structures, and training local residents where necessary.

In one of their operations, IAP Worldwide offered mission support to a military mission in Afghanistan. The operation involved installation of communication systems at Kabul Airfield. The Kabul Air Control Center provided specialized communication systems within the Kabul Flight Information Region (FIR). The services offered included radio-based instrument flight rule, non-radar, and visual flight rule services on With the Kabul Air Control Center operational, the economy of Afghanistan was able to recover from the post-crisis period give the increased number of flights recorded in the country after the center was launched.

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In addition to providing mission support services, IAP Worldwide also leads at the provision of emergency services across America and select world regions. Whenever a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe occurs, human lives are put at risk. To avert or minimize the damage incurred, it is important to reach out to a team that has the capability and the commitment to mitigate damage in the best way possible. IAP Worldwide responds to emergency calls by being equipped with relevant equipment necessary for the provision of power and medical support.

With their 60 years’ operational experience, IAP Worldwide have developed system-based approaches to challenging problems. Subsequently, the firm is able to create responsive solutions to critical situations on For instance, the company is known to create environment management solutions in response to natural disasters in order to enhance safety. The company has developed a culture that seeks to address each problem in the best way. This requires the firm’s team of experts to be exceptionally creative and flexible in designing solutions to any problem.

IAP Worldwide operates from its headquarters at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Additionally, the company has offices in over 50 other locations across the globe. The firm has over 2000 employees.

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