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Under the innovative leadership of the CEO, David McDonald, the OSI Group has swiftly transformed into one of the top 100 most successful Food Processing Company in the US and indeed, the world over. OSI Group and its core subsidiaries and affiliates helped ship well over 113 tons of safe food products to the attendants and participants at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. OSI did a fantastic job and they would continue to work closely with the Olympics Committee for years to come.

The award-winning food supplies company debuted in the Chinese marketplace in 1992. In 2008, the OSI Group had already built a dozen or more mega food processing sites and factories all over China. The Chicago-based food supplier, OSI, made millions in profit by providing franchises like David McDonald‘s, KFC, Papa John, Subway, Burger King, and Starbucks. Without an ounce of doubt, OSI Group wouldn’t have risen to be the giant processed food supplies company were it not for the exceptionally talented and experienced CEO, David McDonald.

About David McDonald

Mr. McDonald belongs to the ’87 graduating class of Iowa State University. David successfully pursued an undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences, graduating with top honors. David later joined the OSI Group, Chicago Edition where he ended up spending his entire golden career. The Iowa State alumnus would rise up through the ranks at OSI to become the company’s CEO and President, eventually.

David McDonald: The Philanthropist

McDonald, as the CEO, spared no expense in upgrading the company’s manufacturing and retail departments to make it efficient and cost-competitive. OSI Industries transformed into one of America’s and China’s most sustainable Food Supply Company, almost overnight.


OSI Group’s President and CEO continue to make a profoundly positive impact on the welfare of Iowans. McDonald has funded higher education for thousands of kids from poor families in Iowa. The company provides scholarships to needy students of the Alpha, Gamma, Rho fraternity at Iowa State Uni.

Today, his company is the proud recipient of a handful of coveted industry awards. OSI primarily deal with processed meat products, canned tomato paste, and beans. Under, David McDonald, OSI is a past winner of the Cardinal and Gold Award, the Campanile Award, the Corporation and Foundation Award, the Emerging Philanthropist Award and the True and Valiant Award. McDonald serves on a dozen meat industry standards boards and committees. For instance, David’s the current chairman of the American Meat Industries board.

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