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The obvious truth of the biblical proverb “train up a child” in the direction he should follow is clearly illustrated in the life of the Brazilian author and educator Jaime Garcia Dias. Born in Rio de Janeiro forty-five years ago, Dias has almost single handedly brought Brazilian literature to a place of global recognition, and by doing so he has won the love and admiration of his countrymen, and left his mark on Brazilian and international writings.

Born to educated and professional parents, Dias who comes from a long line of established artist started his career at an early age, and that helped cement his Facebook following early. The son of Brazilian author Amaldo Dias, Jaime was inspired and encouraged by his father and other mentors whose thirst and love for knowledge shaped his love for the same. That affection made him curious about people and he wrote about them and why they do what they do. That led to his first published book at fifteen and subsequently over twenty books were written and published by this prolific young author.

In 2013, being the humble and gracious person that he is, Dias honored his father by doing what he does best; he wrote and published a journal about his childhood memories with his father.

Apart from his career as an author, Dias has also made a name for himself as an educator. He attended and taught at the Carioca Literature Academy. The academy was a preparatory institution for students pursuing a career in literature. Dias introduced new writing skills at the academy that changed the institution and brought notoriety to him because of his open minded leadership. Under his guidance the school became a place where young writers could find their place and hone their craft.

Jaime Garcia Dias is a young man and painter, who still has a lot left to do with the written word. As a literary pioneer he has only just begun.

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