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James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He is from the Dallas Metro Area. He is a business owner and entrepreneur. What is the difference between a business owner and entrepreneur? A business owner focuses on profit and sales margins and an entrepreneur does that, has a defined purpose and deep passion for what they do. Speaking of him as a business owner and entrepreneur, he works with donors through his Management company to give scholarships and awards for certain academic paths for individuals. He also helps and volunteers within his community and abroad to give a light to those in a dark place.

James works to help the community thrive and grow. He gives to a charity called Education is Freedom. Through this charity, Dallas, residents, whom are “at-risk youth” are able to attain a college degree through testing, preparation and financial support. James is committed to helping the youth. He also donates to Perot Museum of Natural Science. Giving children a way to reach their full potential and become lifelong intentional learners is his goal. Through Perot, youth are able to learn mathematics and the sciences. This enables them to create technology, later on, that is well planned, though out, mathematically articulate and executed properly.

The most amazing thing James does is help those youth facing social or economic hardships. He donates to companies like Uplift Education and Capital for Kids. Uplift Education is geared towards youth who are in public schools. It creates an environment where they feel successful through being able to jump across that educational barrier. This also can have an impact on self-esteem indirectly. James gives these children hope that one day your future will be brighter, so don’t give up! James also donates to a company called Capital for Kids. Helping those less fortunate than he, something he holds dear. He gives to the homeless and those in need through Capital for Kids. This allows him to again bring education to all and close the gaps between social and economic issues. He is the light in others tunnels.

James is amazing from his own scholarship outreach initiatives, to those that go unnoticed sometimes like him helping those less fortunate. He is a man of many talents and truly cares for those he helps.

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