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The Dallas Zoo is one of the most sought after zoos in the country, drawing thousands of visitors each and every day. However, it has its struggles just like all the great zoos do. The Dallas Zoo struggles to build state of the art habitats for animals so they can be comfortable and cozy. The hippo is one animal who had to be cut from the zoo over expenses. Now thanks to Dallas’ most popular philanthropist James Dondero, the hippos are coming back.

The Dallas Zoo spent four years planning and collecting $14 million dollars needed to create their new 2.1 acre habitat for the hippos. The new habitat allows for an underwater viewing window to wow the visitors without disturbing the animal’s personal space. The new spot is in the Wilds of Africa section, which is close to the station. Dallas Zoo has had no hippos for 16 years but residents and tourists kept asking for hippos. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings applauded the work of several philanthropists including James Dondero. James Dondero contributed $1 million dollars to aid in the rebuild of the hippo habitat. The new exhibit boasts an amazing 120,000 gallon waterhole habitat, that offers a new viewing perspective of the hippos. The Dallas Zoo has raised the bar for today’s zoo.

The two new hippos who call the exhibit home are Adhama and Biopelo, both come from the Albuquerque Biological Park. The last hippo the zoo had, died in 2001. James Dondero has become a strong supporter of the community. He continues to lend a hand to any cause he believes in.

James Dondero is currently chief executive officer of Highland Management who has gained more than thirty years of equity market experience. He received dual majors in finance and accounting from the University of Virginia. James Dondero is a certified management accountant and now has the right to use the chartered financial analyst title.

James Dondero currently serves on the board of several major companies including MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is chairman for sever companies such as NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare.

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