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Certainly not each and every person has what it takes to make it big by themselves as a successful businessperson while also holding the position of owning a company. The people who don’t own the traits required to succeed in a small sized business, your efforts probably will not lead to prosperity. Including certain characteristics, one also requires the market which promotes running your own business. While some areas are better niches for business prosperity, you can obviously overcome this with the right strategy and execution.


Extensive institutions that require reporting to higher-ups usually hinder successful traits to emerge. Independence is needed and a feeling of freedom comes from making your own decisions and developing yourself. You’ll also need to work long hours until your goals are exceeded. Independence is hindered in this way because of unnecessary obstacles that make true progress suffer.




By the time meaningful change happens, it causes a broad influence on a smaller sized company which requires faster reaction time because bigger businesses simply engulf those disturbances. Visionaries must quickly and strategically respond to such alterations of outcomes to inspire positive market conditions, on the flip-side, businesspeople who aren’t willing to take decisive actions will simply see the negative results that occur afterward on services and revenue.


José Hawilla, proprietor of Traffic, the greatest sports advertising organization in South America. Traffic is a business dedicated to marketing and patronage, presenting sports contests and reselling the licenses to televise tournaments on Television. Traffic runs an organization of stockholders which has currently financed almost $40 million in part or entire purchase of the financial benefits of football (or soccer for US readers) athletes to participate in Brazilian clubs. The purpose is to valorize the player for upcoming trades, disregarding the group where the competitor plays.


The decision of which contestants for Traffic grants is determined by an information service (called the Intelligence Department) who analyze the technical file, history, and statistics of the candidates and produces videos for the clubs interested in hiring them.


For the search of these athletes that can yield dividends to the company, it maintains a team of observers led by Dario Pereyra. You can visit their Twitter.

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