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When Kate Hudson decided to toss her hat into the e-commerce fashion ring, you knew she was going to bring with it some success. No one could have anticipated the level of success her company has had in just three years. Her company has already sold over $250 million in women’s active-wear, and it is a shopping experience that is unlike any other on the market. If her company continues at this pace, that 20% share of the fashion industry that Amazon owns will really be in jeopardy.


To hear it from Hudson herself, she has decided to give women exactly what they want in all phases. Not only does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sell high-quality workout apparel, you get a shopping experience that is tailored around you, so in the end, you get exactly what you want. To understand why women around the country are so excited, we start the journey in one of Hudson’s retail stores. Women can sign-up for a free membership, and then take the Lifestyle Quiz that affords them even more benefits. Women are encourages to window shop in the retail stores, trying on anything they like, without the pressure of having to buy,


Hudson says unlike most clothing retailers that rely on those sales, she knows her customers are going to be online at the Fabletics in time. Once a shopper goes to the e-commerce site, they already see everything they tried on in the retail store waiting for them. Perhaps they didn’t have time to buy in the store, now they can consider what they want, and what else they could use. With a more relaxed atmosphere, these shoppers don’t have to worry what piece of active-wear will fit since they already tried it on. Hudson stands behind the quality of her athleisure brand, knowing it simply sells itself once a consumer gets their hands on it.


The Lifestyle Quiz answers are the key to the success of the brand, because each member gets their own personal shopper who places an item in the cart once a month based on those answers. Now you can see what someone else has chosen for you, and you decide buy or reject, no pressure. part of the experience is pampering the consumer, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does just that. Many shoppers go to the e-commerce site and buy more than they would have in the busy store, and get amazing deals they can’t find on Amazon.


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