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Keith Mann is more than an average NYC-based entrepreneur for two incredible reasons: 1) DSP now has offices in England and Australia as well as NYC, and 2) Mann is an incredible philanthropist. Mr. Mann has been in the executive search industry for 15 years as a CEO, leader, and daily manager.


Keith Mann’s career with Dynamic Executive Search began in 2000, but, in 2002, he created an alternative investment practice within the company. In 2009, Keith Mann realized that customer services for the hedge fund and private equity firms were insufficient, so he founded Dynamics Search Partners or DSP as a superior premier executive search firm for these agencies. As of 2016, Mr. Mann leads the industry with over 200 client mandates annually.


Keith Mann is a Passionate Philanthropist in NYC Education


Keith Mann is at the top of the executive search industry in NYC, but he and his wife Keely are committed to seeing the next generation attend college especially in the business field. They share the same mission with the Uncommon Charter School System for graduating high school students, so they have come together to help this school for low-income students. Five years ago, the Mann’s partnered with Uncommon Schools for a better tomorrow.


Uncommon Schools is NYC-based with schools now in Massachusetts and New Jersey and a second high school in Brooklyn. Mr. Mann’s first donation was $10,000 towards the building of the new Brooklyn school. Not long after, Mr. Mann raised over $20,000 for the scholarly tests that students are required to take by the Board of Education. The students had their tests by the start of the school year.


In 2015, the Mann’s took another step in promoting the students, and they opened a college scholarship fund. The graduating students were required to write a 1,000-word essay on how the scholarship would benefit their career, and one winner will be selected annually. Mr. Mann encouraged other businessmen to also open a fund so that more students would be able to develop their talents by attending college, and the result would be a better NYC.

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