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Krishen Iyer recently sat down for an interview and divulged some candid information about himself and his Managed Benefit Services company. Krishen Iyer is well-known for excellent skills in marketing and his Carlsbad based company thrives due to devotion and desire to constantly learn. Krishen Iyer is a longtime resident of California. He graduated from San Diego University and often uses his free time to help clean local parks or serve his Carlsbad area community in other ways.


Being known as an avid reader, Krishen Iyer was asked what his favorite books were. He wasn’t able to narrow down a list, but he noted that he regularly reads books that cover different financial philosophies and facts. A couple of his favorite authors are Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch. His tastes in fiction are more along the lines of space and space travel.


Krishen noted that the company has taken to consulting others in how to handle insurance marketing. He claims that by doing so, his company expands in scope and he helps others find success in the field. Added competition doesn’t worry Krishen. In fact, he says that it’s a win-win situation and there is plenty of room for anyone else joining the market.


Besides expanding the scope of his company, Krishen also revealed that his company has developed a new multi-layered platform that they are excited to unveil. He claims that the platform will help create even better results for his clients and that it brings Managed Benefits Services closer to realizing its full potential in the future.


Krishen was asked what motivated him on a daily basis. He proudly stated that he’s motivated by his clients and his company’s need to realize it’s full potential. He works tirelessly to increase the value that Managed Benefits Services brings to their customers. As the company’s founder, Krishen also has a more intimate connection with the goals of the company and the success it finds. He wants his company to be all that it can be and he takes it upon himself to make it reach that point.

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