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The best lip balm right now is from Evolution of Smooth. This is the company that has managed to get people interested in these products by appealing to the thing that Americans tend to like the most: choices. The American consumer that is trying to make a purchase – no matter how small the purchase is – will want to see the number of choices that are available.

There certainly are a lot different choices to consider when people look at what the Evolution of Smooth has to offer. The EOS lip balm containers are called spheres. These are the containers that house the various flavors of lip chap. There is no doubt that this company will continue to expand the number of flavors because this has proven to be the key to success for this brand. There are already a considerable number of flavors on the market, and customers cannot seem to get enough. Check out these organic products on retail shops like Walmart or online at

Mint or medicated tangerine may not be flavors that are offered by every lip chap company on the market, but the Evolution of Smooth has this offering. This is a company that also presents Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit to the consumers that are interested in this type of product.

There are quite a few lip chap products on the market for EOS to compete with. Other companies like ChapStick and Chap-Ice also carry lip balm products. There are lip balm products with skin moisturizers that also have sun screen protection. Others may have medicated labels in order to attract the attention of customers. There are many different choices, but EOS has managed to become the best because a large majority of consumers like flavorful lip balm.This company ( has lots of fruity flavors so this may appeal to smaller children that need lip balm.



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