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Luciana Lossio, and experienced and dedicated lawyer, will be sworn in office at a ceremony on May 26, 2016 as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, replacing the departing Minister Arnaldo Versaini. Luciana is no stranger to being recognized for her devotion. In 2011, she made headlines by being one of the first women to occupy one of three vacancies reserved for lawyers. At the time that she set the headlines, she was also awarded the title of TSE Substitute Minister.

Luciana has much experience in electoral law, being a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law, and is very knowledgeable in the duties that she will have to perform as Minister. She has had a very solid career, is a woman of good character, and is a supporter of human rights.
She received her law degree at the University Center of Brasilia in 1999 where she was much immersed in her studies. Such dedication and devotion allowed her to gain the approval for registration from the Bar Association of Brazil. After graduate studies, Luciana completed three postgraduate courses. These courses included Civil Procedure Law, State and Constitutional Law, and lastly Legal and Public Order Ministry. Luciana used the information that she learned from her graduate work as well as her post graduate work, and her seven years in the Attorney General’s Office, to become quite the proficient and established attorney and quickly moved her way up in the ranks to her current position. It was with all of this hard work and self reliance that she has carved herself niches that she was able to advance from.

People that have had interactions with her have called her a visionary –stating that she was ahead of her time and that she has shown tact when dealing with complex situations that have often required a savvy approach to reach a favorable conclusion. This, coupled with her strong technical skills and professionalism, has shown the world that Luciana is a seamless fit for the position that she will soon hold, after her inauguration, as Minister of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE).

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