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Acting is quite an interesting career to get into. For one thing, a lot of people don’t make it into the industry. Then even for those that do, they can easily star in productions that never get released. Crystal Hunt is one of the few that made it into the industry. she has starred in television shows. She has also appeared in some big screen films including Magic Mike XXL, the sequel in the Magic Mike franchise. She stars along side Channing Tatum among other big screen actors. She was impressed with how professional they were in their performances throughout the production.

Facebook fans feel Crystal Hunt has definitely put in a good performance as Lauren. She was able to learn a lot from the other stars. She described her experience as empowering. Being in a movie about a male stripper who is thinking about hanging up his stripping career for the rest of his life is a very interesting experience for her. Her work on Magic Mike XXL is something that she is going to remember for the rest of her career. Meanwhile, she gets to go for her other projects.

Crystal Hunt is highly experienced in television acting. She has played a role in Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding which was her most memorable role. She has also played a role in One Life To Live as Stacy Morasco. One thing that could be said for Crystal Hunt is that she is a veteran of soap operas and daytime TV. She is also very creative when it comes to her performance and the projects that she chooses. She also knows how to stay out of the drama that often results from Hollywood. However, she does have the creativity to produce a drama series that depicts some of the challenges in the daytime TV world.  There’s more information about Crystal’s career on IMDb.