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Looking for you original look? A make up style good for your skin? Affordable prices and sales offered regularly? Then check out the one and only Lime Crime make up style. All colors are beautiful and unique, perfect for all styles and colors you are looking for. This product is full of bold and bright colors great to add to your collection. Excellent quality formula and long wearing capabilities. Many lip shades and eye shadow palettes are suited for all makeup styles and age groups.

The founder, and CEO, of Lime Crime make up, is the one and only Doe Deere. She grew up in New York City, but was originally born in Russia. She is an entrepreneur and a great designer. She originally was creating her own styles and sewing them together to sell on EBay. She created and started Lime Crime in 2008 when she realized she could not find make up bright enough to match the clothes she was designing. The Unicorn lipsticks launched in 2009 is what introduced the company and put the name out on the market. Many of the products with Lime Crime were Vegan and in 2012 all products began formulated to Vegan standards. She oversees all product development, keeping her dreams alive. She enjoys inspiring women to feel beautiful and be original and unique.

Lime Crime is constantly coming out with new ideas and new releases to keep up with today’s styles. They offer all information and opportunities on their website. If you are unable to talk on the phone to a sales representative, but you have a computer handy then you are in luck. They are one of the rare makeup companies which offers and online chat to talk back and forth with the professionals at Lime Crime. You may check out or to view all products and colors. I can promise you will not be disappointed but inspired. From sparkle and shine to firm and bold. No matter the style, it’s time for Lime Crime. Check out the Lime Crime Twitter for more as new products release.

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