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Need a product to sell? Market America Unfranchise has numerous award winning products in their collection. One Market America Unfranchise product that has sold consistently well is Isotonix.

What is Isotonix? Isotonix is the most advanced nutraceutical in the world. Built to be readily absorbed by the human body, Isotonix comes in several powerful formulas. Among the Isotonixformula’s are:

  • Optimal Wellness – Three essential supplements for longevity and health.
  • Essentials Turn Up – Vitamins, minerals and amino acids come together for a mid-day boost.
  • Peak Performance Blend – Powerful antioxidants and vitamins preserves muscles.

Why is Isotonix one of Market America Unfranchise’sbest selling product? The food or supplements that enter your digestive track need to be in isotonic form (liquefied and having the same pressure as other liquids in the body) before they can be properly absorbed. During the time it takes your body to go through this process, most pills and supplements lose their activity and effectiveness.

Market America Unfranchise’sIsotonix is not like the average supplement. It is perfectly balanced and delivers intact nutrients to your body. If you have customers that are interested in health products, make Market America Unfranchise’sIsotonix your choice.

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