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Kluger Kaplan’s Estate’s & Trust Litigation Practice Group is a successful law firm that is spearheaded by Bruce Katzen as the chairman. He studied at the University of Miami Law School and practices as an attorney mainly in three areas, which consist of Estate and Trust Litigation, Business Litigation, and Security Litigation. He has a strong background in accounting and has therefore taken a keen interest in financial fraud and probate cases.


With many years of experience in the legal field, Bruce has now specialized in guardianship disputes, and litigation of probate and trust too. He also practices in commercial litigation that includes corporate matters, securities, stockbroker liability, FiNRA arbitrations, and accountant’s liability. Over the years, Bruce has been recognized and awarded by various institutions particularly for his work in the areas concerning franchise disputes, financial fraud, guardianship, probate and trust disputes, company purchase and sale disputes and life insurance coverage disputes.


With a background in certified public accounting, Katzen is able to handle the probate and complex cases that are presented by his clients. He can have a deeper comprehension of these issues, precisely examine both the witnesses and experts and zealously advance the position of his clients in any case or dispute. Bruce Katzen does not only deliver for his clients; he has a passion that drives him to immerse himself in their cases and deliver a winning argument, facts, pieces of evidence and procedures by crafting a winning strategy.


Recently, The Best Lawyers in America recognized Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine for their excellence and expertise in legal matters in the 2019 edition. Bruce Katzen was intrigued by the award and appreciates being recognized in such a competitive field. He enjoys working in his office which is located at 201 South Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.

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