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There are some very beautiful churches throughout the country. The Mighty Fortress Church is a beautiful church located in Minnesota. Mighty Fortress Church is located on 6000 Bass Lake Road in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Bishop TR Williams is the Bishop of the Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams has been serving the Lord within his ministry for over three decades. Bishop Williams stresses the importance of Wisdom and Understanding when it comes to serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Williams is a firm believer that the world is in steep decline due to selfishness, over indulgence and immorality. In addition, Bishop Williams stresses the importance of repentance before it is too late.

Mighty Fortress Church holds weekly services on Sunday morning. In addition, the church also has daily prayer services. The church has a structured teaching of the importance of Baptism, Communion, Prayer and accepting as well as loving ones fellow man.

The church seems to have a powerful influence among the Minneapolis community. It seems that people come from all over to hear the word of God spoken so eloquently by Bishop Williams. Parishioners seem serious about transforming their lives in an effort to serve God. In addition, it seems the believers are truly transformed every time they hear the word of God.

Helping those less fortunate is something that Bishop Williams has taken quite seriously. Therefore, there is a calendar of updated events that can be found on the web site. Many of the churches events revolve around helping the sick and attending to the needs of the impoverished and less fortunate.

Mighty Fortress Web site can be found at Visitors to the web site can email Bishop Williams directly with any questions or immediate concerns.

There are some other churches located within the heart of Minneapolis that are also quite beautiful. The Basilica of Saint Mary’s is a stunning church which was the first Basilica in the United States. The church is of Roman Catholic origin. This beautiful church opened in the early 1900’s. The Basilica sits on two acres of ground with beautiful trees and lush gardens. A large community of worshipers attend mass at this location each and every week.

Saint Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church is located on Irving Ave in Minneapolis. The church is quite large and has some beautiful religious decor throughout the interior of the church. Similar to the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church celebrates several feast days throughout the year. Fr. George Dokos is the head pastor of Saint Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church. Saint Mary’s also has an updated calendar of church events for the remainder of 2017.

Saint Mary’s always welcomes new parishioners. Additional information about the church can be obtained by visiting the Saint Mary’s web site. Please see

Gethsemane Episcopal Church is an historical landmark located in downtown Minneapolis. The church is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The church is quite beautiful with an interior Gothic art style. Beautiful carvings of our Lord and the Angles surround the main alter.

Gethsemane Episcopal Church does offer pastoral care to those in need. The church will gladly assist the sick and disabled upon request. Regular daily services are held in the morning hours. Please see the web site at

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