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Having started as an isolated mill is the outskirts of Sao Paulo Brazil, Eucatex has had a long journey to glory. It operated in small-scale in isolation until the early 1950s when its management decided to open gates for large scale fiberboard production. Currently, the company is recognized as a global market leader in the manufacture of laminate floors, wall partitions, hard boards, and paints. The company currently produces in four major factories across Brazil and exports to more than 37 other countries all over the world. However, one thing remains certain about Eucatex, its success has not been a smooth sail.

From then to now
One unique marketing strategy that Eucatex adopted while still a small factory was product differentiation; it remains one of the few industrial plants that only make its products using just the Eucalyptus trees in the world. This single factor makes its products unique and marketable across the globe and the cause of its soaring success. It also remains quite encouraging that the company does all these while taking care of the environment.

Its expansion journey has also been interesting; it started with a single production mill but currently operates four. The company also started with just fiber production but has now ventured to various other home improvement products including doors, wall partitions, panels, paints, and varnishes. What cannot escape a keen observer is that it has entirely transformed and archived much under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, the company’s current president.

About Flavio Maluf
Flavio is an established serial entrepreneur based in Brazil with many years of experience in business management and leadership. He has been working for the family company for over 27 years in which he instituted a myriad of changes that have seen the transformation of the company to a global leader. He is also the president of the grand food group.

Professionally, Flavio is a mechanical engineering graduate from FAAP. His interests in succeeding his father at Eucatex also made him further his education with a degree in administration from the University of New York. His education and experience are two fundamental pillars that his businesses expansion and domination of Brazilian markets have relied on.  Flavio is well known as a part of the financial community these days as well.  He’s relied upon for his guidance to new entrepreneurs.  But also for his commentary on education, and where we’re going from here.