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If you haven’t heard of Nick Vertucci, he is the retired police officer turned real estate mogul; Vertucci has amassed millions in the real estate market through “flipping” properties. What is real estate flipping? It’s the ability to derive profit from buying low and selling high or renovating a home and selling it at a price that yields considerable ROI (return on investment). The concept of real estate flipping is by no means new; this was the path Donald Trump embarked upon when he made his millions. According to Business Insider, Trump invested in real estate property in the Manhattan borough of New York City and did so when real estate values were declining. When the market rebounded Trump made a fortune; in fact, New York real estate makes up 60% of his personal portfolio at Investing in real estate can be quite profitable, but it requires a thorough understanding of the market; Nick Vertucci understands this market and has created real estate workshops in an effort to teach others.

Nick Vertucci has truly lead the rags to riches life; according to his website, Vertucci lost a substantial amount of his money during the dot-com bust of 2000 to 2002 and lived out of his van. It was during this time when he was invited as a guest to attend a three-day real estate seminar and discovered a path towards financial freedom. Nick Vertucci has since gone on to make millions in real estate and has started hosting “Flip with Nick” investment seminars, where he imparts his wisdom to those hoping to achieve similar success in real estate. Why would Nick share this information? He realized that many people have the desire to amass wealth and create financial freedom for themselves and their families, but lacked the know how; after creating a tried and true formula for success he felt compelled to share his information.

The Flip with Nick Real Estate Academy has been incorporated since January 2014 and has maintained an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, (an online consumer services company) has given Flip with Nick a 4.5-star rating. Participants in the program have spoken highly of the information provided, and have credited Vertucci for their respective success. The Flip with Nick Real Estate Academy provides instruction for how to find the best deals and secure them, as well how to prep them for sale or convert them into rental properties on twitter. Nick is a proponent of living the American dream and has vowed to lead as many people as possible to the promise of financial freedom.

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