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Cancer patients have a new reason to smile. This is because of the recent advancements in the field of Genomic science and precision medicine. One of them is the use of genomic sequencing as a precision medicine. It has enabled oncologists to have better therapies for rare cancers, poor prognoses and cancers with limited or ineffective treatment options. Through the new procedures, cancer patients can have individualized therapies which enhance their treatment options. This is because, precision medicine makes it possible to classify cancers into subpopulations based on similarity in traits. These efforts to finding better cures for cancer have received national recognition. President Obama launched a national Precision Medicine Initiative to focus on finding a cure for cancer and other diseases during the recent State of the Union Address.

According to the article published by the NewsWise, Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey is one of the few institutions and the first in the state to adopt genomic sequencing in patient care. To support the research in precision medicine, Rutgers University has developed an “18 Chair Challenge” campaign. In the challenge, for each of the 18 chairs, an anonymous donor provides a $1.5 million match. This will ensure an endowment of $3 million. Omar Boraie, a developer in New Brunswick and his family made a pledge of $1.5 million leading to the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. Shrida Ganesan; a principal investigator of precision medicine clinical trial at Rutgers Cancer Institute was named the Omar Boraie Chair. Ganesan said on a interview that he was honoured to be named the chair since the pledge would create better understanding of cancer giving new hope to cancer patients and families all over the world.

Boraie has a background in Chemistry and is known for his great interest and support for science research. He said on the NY Times interview that he feels that research on non-responsive cancers can be applied to all cancer patients if well developed and will lead to better cancer cures and management. He urges other people to make pledges and support this noble course. Director Robert S. Diapaola of Rutgers Cancer Institute said that Boraie’s pledge will have a long-lasting impact on cancer research around New Brunswick and beyond given that Boraie plays a major role in the development of New Brunswick as the “Healthcare City”

Rutgers Cancer Institute is the only designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in New Jersey. Together with the State University of New Jersey and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the institution works towards improved detection, treatment and care of cancer patients. The Cancer Institute of Cancer is made up of hospitals in the state and aims at providing quality care for cancer patients and quick dissemination of important discoveries.

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