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Among the types of careers that people get into from Academy of Art University are Personal Stylist and Public Relations. Among the people who are getting into those two fields is Haley McDaniel. She is someone who has a more personalized tip when it comes to image and style. She makes it clear to people that they are their own brand. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are trying to promote themselves and not some business that has very little to do with them. One of her interests is teaching people how to present themselves in a way that is representative of their true selves.

One thing that Haley suggests to stylists is that they do not put their clients in something that is not comfortable to them. It does not matter how cool that outfit is. If they don’t feel comfortable in it, then they should not wear it. One of the most important aspects of fashion is the individual who is wearing it. As a matter of fact, some people say that confidence makes anything look good. However, real confidence comes from within and is very hard if not impossible to fake. In this case, it is much better to wear a plain outfit that makes a person feel confident.

One of the advantages that going to Academy of Art University has is that it encourages people to think of new solutions. As a matter of fact, Academy of Art University inspires people. When something is inspired, then it is going to show. It is going to have an effect on people. For instance, an outfit that is inspired is going to attract more positive attention from people than an outfit that is played by the numbers. One thing to remember is that fashion is not a formula.


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