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Mr. Holt, CEO, and President of NexBank was present at the bankers’ conference in Texas. The Texas Bankers Associations Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference usually held annually and attended by stakeholders in the banking sector. Holt suggested ideas on how to encourage innovativeness and competitiveness in the banking community. Holt also analyzed the challenges faced by the banking community banking and how to counter them. The forum usually comprises of bank leaders, advisers, and consultants who come together to share opportunities and challenges facing community bank leaders. The NexBank in Texas was identified as one bank whose services fully satisfied the clients’ needs.

The Origin of NexBank

The bank was established in March 2017, in 1934. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and it has been identified as the 13th biggest bank in Texas and the 200th in the entire nation. The NexBank has grown to have branches in four different locations with over 86 employees in all its branches. NexBank attributes its success to the three services it offers.

Commercial Banking

NexBank offers commercial lending services to all its clients. NexBank offers quality commercial banking services, explaining why they have maintained clients all along. The services are also timely and highly reliable. They have a qualified and experienced team of professionals who ensure that they journey with clients to ensure they get the financing they need.

Mortgage Banking

NexBank’s major focus has been to create a long term relationship with its clients. The Warehouse lending service enables customers to close their loans more effectively. It has also been made possible by the bank’s team of professionals.

Institutional Services

The bank has partnered with other financial institutions to mitigate the risk of debt. They provide flexible loans so that clients make timely mortgage payments. These payments will place the bank at the top position in the financial market.

With these three services offered by NexBank, Mr. Holt and the members of the Texas Bankers Association can come up with solutions. These solutions help to identify opportunities and challenges to help bank leaders and clients. The conference aims at improving the banking sector.


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