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The Chainsmokers have recently been featured in several articles on that highlight their rise to fame and fortune over the last 2 years. The Chainsmokers duo is comprised of Drew Taggart (Age 28) and Alex Pall (Age 32). According to Forbes, the groups earnings for 2018 will be an astounding $45.5 million dollars. This puts them at #2 on the world’s highest paid DJ’s for 2018. This is an astonishing feat considering the duo has only really been on the Dance and Electronic scene for a little over 2 years! Very few DJ’s have rise to such fame in a short period of time!

In fact, The Chainsmokers have been so successful that they have bested fellow DJ’s; notably Steve Aoki, Diplo and David Guetta. In fact, Forbes ranks them currently #59 on the Celebrity Top 100. The hit single entitled “Closer” back in 2016 is really what put this group on the map.

Despite having several top 10 hits years prior, “Closer” exploded to the top of Hot 100 back in the summer of 2016. This single was so unbelievably successful that it ultimately lasted as the fourth longest #1 hit in U.S History. It was even #1 among all genre singles back in 2016 for a dozen “consecutive frames.” It won numerous awards and even earned a Grammy Nomination.

Furthermore, “Closer” was so successful, not only on the Electronic and Dance Charts, but across all genres. Just in the last few months, “Closer” has reached “Diamond” status. Diamond status is equivalent to 10 times platinum or 10 million units sold. Not only is the single “Closer” surpassing anyone’s expectations, but the Chainsmokers debut album “Memories..Do Not Open” was on the Dance and Electronic Chart at #1 for the third longest amount of time in history.

The Chainsmokers gained even more mainstream attention by appearing on a recent September episode of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! They are pictured in the article on Forbes holding their “Diamond Status” award. Hard to imagine that a single could go 10 times platimum. It will interesting to see if they can continue such amazing success in 2019 and beyond!


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My buddy with jet lag….looks familiar.

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Chris Burch is a creative entrepreneur who has been working in the industry since he was just a teenager. After finding his footing in the world of fashion, from youth apparel to swimwear, Chris Burch has continued to work hard in order to expand his empire. Now Burch, behind his company Burch Creative Capital, is investing in everything from fashion and wellness to travel and hospitality and he is showing no signs of slowing down. The empire-building Chris Burch has had a ton of success as an entrepreneur and now he has some thoughts on the way that the industry has changed, specifically in regards to branding.

For Chris Burch, the concept of ‘branding‘ has gone the way of the dinosaur: extinct. Except in special circumstances, such as with Louis Vuitton or Gucci, customer loyalty is no longer caught up with branding. Burch realized this a while ago and he has been using the knowledge to his advantage, choosing to instead invest in humans behind the product rather than brand concepts themselves, read ( Burch believes that this is just an extension of the increasing reach of the digital world: there is only so much marketing that you can do on the internet before you are overlapping with everyone else.

While branding might be ‘over’ according to Burch, creating quality products that appeal to specific demographics isn’t. Burch has long stated that he likes to deliver products that make people feel nice and that are why he is so focused on investing in luxury products geared toward women, according to Burch has a history of working with specific products geared toward specific demographics and he has found huge success with big name brands like ‘ED – by Ellen DeGeneres’. Now, Burch is focused on working with companies like Skin Laundry and Dirty Lemon in order to extend his reach into the luxury wellness demographic.

Hussain Sajwani is a very successful businessman in the UAE, and he lives with his family including his wife and four children. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties. Born in 1963 in a business family where his dad ran a small shop that sold China imported goods, watches and shirts. He later earned the government scholarship to go study in the U.S. where he attended the University of Washington he received a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

In 1981, after graduation, Hussain Sajwani went back to Dubai where he started his career in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries where he left two years later to start his catering business. The catering venture was working well with international clients including the construction goliaths Bechtel and U.S. military.

Sajwani menioned to in an interview that in 2002, Hussain Sajwani joined the property development industry by founding DAMAC Properties that is among Middle East’s top property development companies. The company has developed 19,000 properties since 2002, and in 2015, it started trading its shares in the Dubai Financial Market. The company has constructed some famous projects including the huge golf course that is managed by Trump Organization, and the huge luxurious apartments that have interiors designed by Fendi and Versace as well as Huge resorts that were constructed after the DAMAC and Paramount Pictures Partnership.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are good business friends since both are successful businessmen in the property development sector. Hussain Sajwani attended a New Year’s Eve event in U.S.A together with Donald Trump after the successful election of Trump as the U.S. president. Sajwani stated that he is not interested in politics but believes that DAMAC’s relationship with Donald Trump’s business is going to improve.

Besides having a successful career, Hussain Sajwani is philanthropic and takes part in some charity work. Some of the charity works that he has taken part include the contribution of AED two million towards the project launched by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Maktoum Al Maktoum that aims at providing a dressing for young children around the world. The contribution he made can provide clothes for 50,000 children around the world. View Sajwani’s accolades here.

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As per digital marketing specialist Krishen Iyer, the ascent of web-based business has featured the significant premium buyers proceed with investment on client benefit. Krishen Iyer, the author of the Carlsbad based Managed Benefits Services, noticed a few late associations keep on playing in the advanced commercial center.

With regards to the thoughts communicated by Krishen Iyer, the marketing companies based in Carlsbad are starting to perceive the significance of setting up and keeping up an individual associated with clients. As an ever increasing number of brands start to move their concentration to internet business and other computerized applications, it is obvious that purchasers are progressively careful about brands that permit client administration to pass by the wayside amid the procedure.

Krishen Iyer noticed that various significant national brands have done well in making the progress to a more prominent spotlight on internet business systems by acting with the sort of client benefit mentality ordinarily held for private ventures. Some have made network outreach programs, for instance, to guarantee mark delegates have adequate chances to connect with clients on an individual level. Different organizations have concentrated on building significant client connections through regular internet-based platforms.

In spite of the fact that there are those expressing worry that the moving spotlight on computerized marketing and internet business will contrarily influence important customer connections, it appears to be more probable that mechanical developments will really have the contrary impact. Because of later mechanical advances and the accessibility of so much applicable information, shoppers are as of now observing the advantage of the online platforms currently being favored by brands in each industry. Krishen Iyer however plainly suggests that a guarantee to solid client benefit practices will stay just as vital going ahead.

Krishen Iyer recently sat down for an interview and divulged some candid information about himself and his Managed Benefit Services company. Krishen Iyer is well-known for excellent skills in marketing and his Carlsbad based company thrives due to devotion and desire to constantly learn. Krishen Iyer is a longtime resident of California. He graduated from San Diego University and often uses his free time to help clean local parks or serve his Carlsbad area community in other ways.


Being known as an avid reader, Krishen Iyer was asked what his favorite books were. He wasn’t able to narrow down a list, but he noted that he regularly reads books that cover different financial philosophies and facts. A couple of his favorite authors are Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch. His tastes in fiction are more along the lines of space and space travel.


Krishen noted that the company has taken to consulting others in how to handle insurance marketing. He claims that by doing so, his company expands in scope and he helps others find success in the field. Added competition doesn’t worry Krishen. In fact, he says that it’s a win-win situation and there is plenty of room for anyone else joining the market.


Besides expanding the scope of his company, Krishen also revealed that his company has developed a new multi-layered platform that they are excited to unveil. He claims that the platform will help create even better results for his clients and that it brings Managed Benefits Services closer to realizing its full potential in the future.


Krishen was asked what motivated him on a daily basis. He proudly stated that he’s motivated by his clients and his company’s need to realize it’s full potential. He works tirelessly to increase the value that Managed Benefits Services brings to their customers. As the company’s founder, Krishen also has a more intimate connection with the goals of the company and the success it finds. He wants his company to be all that it can be and he takes it upon himself to make it reach that point.


Born on February 13, 1913, Alastair Charles Borthwick was a Scottish author and broadcaster. He was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire then brought up in a seaside town of Troon called Ayrshire in Glasgow. At the age of sixteen, he left Glasgow high school to work for Evening Times as a copymaker, then moved to a small newspaper, Glasgow Herald, where he was a member of the five staff that worked to cover a 28 pages newspaper. There he became writer and editor of the women’s, children’s pages, film reviews, readers reviews, crosswords, Open Air and a number of other topics that the paper covered. The Open Air page played a major role in his first book “Always a little Further”.

Although Alastair Borthwick died in September 2003, his books are still remarkable, classic and keep his flame burning. Alastair was married to Annie Corbett in 1940 and was a father to one son. Other than writing, Alastair Borthwick was a radio and television broadcaster and a program presenter.

Alastair Borthwick’s achievements

In the column, Open Air, Borthwick wrote about how rock climbing, an activity that was set an aide for the high end, was increasingly becoming popular among the working middle-class Glasgowiean youths. He covered how the poor were resourceful in hitchhiking and camping in the mountain caves. In this topic, he discussed the underground shift within society and it’s changing the culture. This topic became the backbone of his first book.

Another of his remarkable achievement was his participation and service in the Second World War. He served in Highland Light Infantry in North Africa Sicily and Europe, then in the Reconnaissance Corps in fourteenth January 1941 and on October 13, 1944, in the 5th Seaforth Highlanders. His most significant achievement during service was when he surprised the Germans by leading his battalion over enemy lines in the dark, with no maps.

Alastair Borthwick wrote his second book after the war. It was, in simple terms, a collection of narrations and experiences from veterans of the war and juniors that served in the second world war. Writing a second book that was so far off the first one and still being able to bring out the beauty and emotions into a masterpiece made him an outstanding author. Purchase Alastair’s book on Amazon.

It is a well-known fact that an independent gas and oil company, above everything else, needs to have top-notch management and a good collection of assets. Maintaining the most experienced senior administration team is the best way to ensure that the company focuses its efforts on the right ideas. Most gas and oil companies depend on their ability to stay nimble and solve every aspect with the right business perspective in mind. Large gas and oil companies often separate business functions from other responsibilities and duties; however, such an approach can only work if it is executed by a management team that has a deep understanding of the structures behind the firm. Moreover, the administrators ought to have a good financial vision to direct the firm towards success. Read on to understand Talos Energy management team.

Timothy Duncan: The Man at the Top

Talos Energy, founded in 2012, is the creation of Tim Duncan in cooperation with two other talented co-founders. Tim Duncan is the model oil man this century. Tim studied Petroleum Engineering in Mississippi where he graduated in 2012. Duncan went ahead to earn an MBA from the University of Houston.

Tim Duncan is very dedicated when it comes to the accomplishment of Talos Energy endeavors. He has stated, in recent times, that his greatest achievements are when the riskiest of endeavors succeed. While there are good financial incentives for such initiatives, Tim thoroughly enjoys these moments because he understands the problems that his team had to go through.

Stephen Heitzman: Talos Energy Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Stephen Heitzman is the officer responsible for the day to day operations of the firm. Heitzman brings over 40 years of industry experience. The vice president graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

John Parker: Talos Energy Executive Vice President and Exploration President

Parker, a graduate from the University of New Orleans and Louisiana State University, started his career with Shell Company as an exploration geologist.

In general, the members of Talos administration team have an average of over three years operational, commercial, geological, and acquisition experience. It is this impressive expertize that maintains Talos Energy on top.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a top-notch businessman and the founder of CAOA, a world-class distributor and manufacturer of cars. Founded in 1970, CAOA has grown immensely under the leadership of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira. CAOA is a leader in the automotive sector in Brazil dealing with vehicles like Subaru and Ford.

Boris Feldman, a famous journalist and a motor vehicle expert, who hosts a radio show known as “Car Talk” recently spoke about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade by recalling an interview he had with him in 2012. In the article posted on the “Car Talk” portal, Boris Feldman referred to the CAOA owner as “Dr.” owing to his bachelor’s degree in medicine.

The article explains the success of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade who is the founder and the Chairman of CAOA’s Board of Directors. It goes ahead to illustrate one of the significant steps he has taken in revolutionizing the Brazilian automotive industry. For instance, as per, other than importing and selling vehicles, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade invested heavily in starting a factory in Annapolis. The main aim of this plant was to make Hyundai trucks.

The article goes ahead to elaborate on Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade‘s dream of making a Brazilian car. When Feldman asked about his dream, Carlos painted a clear picture of how he was going to actualise his dream. He stated that his firm had a design agency in Italy which was working on the design of the Brazilian car. He also said that he was already discussing with Fiat to secure an engine for the vehicle.

Six years later, Boris Feldman revisits the interview and can confidently say that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade actualized his dream. By keeping his Chinese counterparts close, coupled with the dedication and hard work of his team at CAOA, he came up with several brands of Brazilian-manufactured cars. Currently, CAOA produces iX35, Tucson, HR and HD80 trucks at its assembly plant in Annapolis city. In less than four decades, CAOA has sold more than one million cars in the Brazilian market.

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If you desire to succeed in your career, you must know there is a price to pay. That is why you must always focus to work hard because this is the only way you can achieve your goals. If you are thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship, you must think of how to navigate the markets. The modern market is a complex one, and many entrepreneurs give up after trying. If you do not have the tricks to go through the market successfully, it is difficult to penetrate the financial markets. That is what was in the mind of Randal Nardone when he was starting an investment company with other three financial professionals. He knew that he had the tricks that he had learned after spending a few years in the financial industry. Many entrepreneurs have admired his skills and his dedication towards work. He is passionate about what he does a virtue that has contributed a lot to the growth of Fortress Investment Group.

When you talk of the people who have been successful in the financial world, you cannot do without mentioning his name. He has worked hard since he started Fortress Investment Group with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman to ensure that the company becomes a global firm. Expanding to the global platform is something that many have tried to do, but they have not succeeded. Those who fail in their businesses start thinking it is easy to achieve success without putting a lot of work. Even if the market is competitive Randal Nardone believes that if you come up with unique services customers will love them and you will achieve a competitive advantage over other companies. If you are an entrepreneur and you fear the business world, it may not be possible for you to excel because of the fear. A successful business person like Randal Nardone must take risks associated with the business.

Randal Nardone can run various departments in the financial world because of the experience he has in the industry. He is one of the best leaders at Fortress Investment Group who has served at the company as a top executive for many years. With the competition in the financial world, Randal Nardone had to work with the best individuals with a proven track record.

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NGP VAN makes it easier for people to mobilize progressives, and they help create campaigns that allow people to become part of a much larger movement. The company builds blogs that can be used to spread information, and the company works with movements that want to raise money. They have posted many videos on Facebook explaining what they do, and they have come up with many ways to make their clients much more visible. Look below what they can do when they are working with a new progressive movement.


  1. What Is NGP VAN?

The NGP VAN team is there to help people who need help with their fundraising and mobilization campaigns. Anyone who is running for office or trying to press an issue can use this company for help, and they can ask the company to build their webpage to a level that people will take notice. They do this for progressive groups every day, and they offer a lot of information on how they build these sites.


  1. Their Social Media Savvy

The social media savvy that this company has is displayed in their Facebook videos, and they show their clients how they can make their movements much more approachable. They show how they do the work that they do, and they offer examples of the work that they are capable of. Someone who has concerns about reaching young people on social media will see that they can be much more effective.


  1. Their Blog

Their blog is a place where people can pick up information about a new website, or they could use the blog as a place to ask questions. The customer can interact with the company based on concerns that they have, and they might chat with the company in the comments about what they need. The company likes to interact with new customers through their blog, and they often answer pressing questions in very thorough blog posts.


  1. Conclusion

Anyone who is trying to get a movement going should ask NGP VAN for help. They could work with this company on a new site, or they could ask this company to handle all their social media. This is a very simple way for someone to have their movement look perfect, and they can start reaching the people who are most interested in volunteering or doing their part to make progressivism much stronger in America.