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Peter Briger is one of the few billionaires who has turned to be a darling to many people due to his kind actions. He has participated in many philanthropic activities that have led to the improvement of living standards of many Americans. For instance, Peter is a believer in education. He has a great passion for learning and so during his philanthropic activities; he ensures that in involves facilitation of education for the less privileged young adults. Peter Briger believes that for one to alleviate poverty from the society, they have to invest in the youth of that community by enhancing their level of education. His philanthropic activities also include the conservation of the environment since he understands the essence of a clean and well-maintained environment. For example, Briger has spent more than half of a billion dollars in the conservation of New York’s Central Park.

The wealth of Peter Briger can all be attributed to his hard work and passion for his work. It has been out of the services that he provides to the clients of the organizations that he has worked for during his career life. For instance, immediately after completing school, Briger joined the Goldman Sachs, an investment management company that gave him the chance to prove his ability. At the company, Peter put all the efforts to ensure that he performed his work excellently and also within the expected standards. At some point, he could even exceed the expectations of his employer by his outstanding performance. This made him secure promotions up the ranks to a point where he was part of the top management personnel of the organization. Later, the shareholders of Goldman Sachs invited him to become a partner to the company, a position that he holds to date. To know more about him click here.

In 2002, Fortress Investment Group kicked off on a mission to expand the company to become an alternative investment firm. They needed an expert who would introduce and manage hedge funds and credit funds in the organization. That was when they recommended Peter Briger to join them for that role. After joining Fortress, Briger was blazing with morale. He had made up his mind to transform Fortress Investment Group into an international organization, renowned for its unique performance in the management of hedge fund portfolios. His dream would later come to actualize in 2010 when Fortress Group was named as the best hedge fund manager of that year by several magazines in the industry.

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