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Securus, a leading provider of correctional communications and information, has announced their latest achievement. Through the hard work of their team, they have secured the prestigious A+ rating from the BBB rating. Danny De Hoyos, Vice President, said how hard his team worked with the BBB in Texas to earn this rating. This rating is voluntary on behalf of a company.


For a company to earn this rating, they have to uphold certain values. Trust, honesty, truth, transparency, is just a few of the values that the BBB is looking for in a company. Securus did complete 220 seat in house call center to improve customer service. This call center is one of the largest in the industry. Calls are answered quickly, within 11 seconds, and 99% of the calls are resolved the first time. These numbers show a quick and effective response time to customers. All these areas are what earned them such a high rating.


Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, likes the accreditation because it means that the company delivers on its promises. They want the customers to receive the most cutting edge, innovative technology in correctional information and communication processing. They work with facilities to maintain phone systems, video visitation systems, inmate locating systems, and others.


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