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John Bell joined the leadership team at Securus Technologies. He will take up the position of the senior VP of sales in order to develop a software based high-tech sales team. The leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions hired John Bell to complement its extended portfolio that has more than 800 products for the corrections and law enforcement sectors. Mr. Bell joined Securus Technologies effectively from December 30, 2015.

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Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies stated that the firm had invested about $600 million in acquiring and developing several security, safety and competent products 3 years prior to the appointment. This investment, according to Rick Smith, necessitated the addition of a key sales source. He had to have the requisite experience needed to transform and evolve the existing sales teams to effectively present its extended product sets. Rick Smith Securus added that John Bell had an outstanding career as well as great attributes in his job.

Smith added that Mr. Bell had made a reputation of bringing transformations to an organizational performance and culture. He had shown his capability in transforming a company into exceptional growth, performance and development of outstanding sales leaders. He added that John Bell had worked at IBM in the during his 35-year career. IBM is considered to be among the best companies when it comes to high integrity, high-tech and leading sales business practices and people development.

About John Bell’s Education and Responsibility at Securus Technologies

John Bell is a Holy Cross graduate and has further done some postgraduate work at the Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business. He has previously worked at Verizon, IBM, NTT Verio, Time Warner Cable and AT&T. Mr. Bell took up the responsibility of Securus’ sales team that consisted of 100 people. The sales VP at Securus, Josh Conklin, would from that date report to Mr. Bell directly, but retained all his previous executive responsibilities. Read more articles at

Rick Smith’s Comments on Positive Customer Emails

Securus provides solutions aimed at solving and preventing crimes, which include those committed by inmates during their incarceration. According to additional research, some reporters have managed to produce blogs and allocate emails. These emails are for instilling hopes and making the incarceration experience a better and safe alternative as opposed to leaving people out there to add further the creation of terrifying situations.

Rick Smith, the chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, claimed that the company has made a strong investment with products and services development proposals being released weekly. They are released to law corrections and enforcement agencies to help in solving crimes as well as preventing the social problems afflicting the society today. The company receives thousands of emails and letters from customers who appreciate how the company is keeping the society (inmates and families) safer than before.

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