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Securus Investigator Pro 4.0 is a software used by law enforcement to investigate phone calls made by inmates in incarceration facilities. This newest version has several new features that make investigating phone calls and monitoring inmate phone activities easier. It allows us to zero in on a vocal sample, and then scan a database of phone call recordings for voices that match the sample. This technology can be used to tag and catalog vocal samples not just from the initiating and receiving party’s voices, but also any voices picked up in the background as well. This allows us to paint a better picture of who is associating with who.

This new technology helps to ensure our safety by providing investigators the ability to more effectively monitor phone calls by known gang affiliates, drug dealers and other individuals on police radar. It lets investigators know who their inmates are communicating with, as well as what other inmates have been contacting similar individuals.

Searching for matches of a vocal sample makes it easier to identify specific voices among a very large database of phone call recordings. The ability to search by voice eliminates the need to search by inmate PIN. This provides a workaround to a common problem. Many inmates lack the support of family, and often go without the money needed to place phone calls, even to family. Others are not able to afford the high price of phone calls in an incarceration facility, which are often up to 7 times higher than those civilians would pay. Inmates will often let these inmates place phone calls on their PIN, which can be misleading to investigators, confusing them as to who placed the phone call and whether or not an individual is actually associating with the party being called or not.

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The new software also allows investigators identify callers at more accurate rates. The software provides a confidence rating as to the potential accuracy of a match between two vocal samples. This provides accurate information that helps to keep us safe by providing law enforcement with the information they need to keep dangerous individuals off the streets.

To see videos relating to this new software visit Vimeo.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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