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Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal justice technology solutions. They are a company that has been based in Texas for the last 29 years. They employ about 1000 people in the United States, and they are able to have a contract with more than 3400 public safety agencies. Securus Technologies also serves more than 1,200,000 inmates in America. Securus Technologies is one of the main companies that provides telephone services to inmates, but apart from that, they also provide correctional facilities with emergency response, public information, communication services, information management services and inmate monitoring products.

PRnewswire did an article about Securus Technologies and their ConnectUs automated forms. The majority of correctional facilities generally use paper forms for many of the different request that inmates make. Over the course of a month one inmate can make over 13 request. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually causes a huge burden to these establishments. There is a lot of manpower that is needed to process these various forms. Correctional officers have to spend a lot of their valuable time distributing, collecting, and processing these forms.

Securus Technologies has found a way to completely streamline the process of collecting, processing, and filing inmate request forms. They created a new technology that is called ConnectUs. The ConnectUs forms allow inmates to present any grievance and record other request forms through an automated system. This is a system that is truly profiting these correctional facilities. An inmate can easily make their request, and the request can quickly be processed by members of staff. These inmates receive a benefit as well, because they are able to have self-service access to the forms that they need. Securus Technologies is truly a company that is dedicated to innovation, and they are constantly striving to create more automated tools to help in correctional facilities.

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