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Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies has stated his concern for the entire industry when Securus uncovered corruption practices from Global Tel Link (GTL). Their in-depth findings brought to light how GTL was using the system to benefit a profit on the backs of customers.

As a leader in providing technology for the civil and criminal justice. They have solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring for law enforcement And with the investigations of GTL, they have multiple reports as well as facts and findings that will confirm wrongdoings as well as integrity breaches by inmate communications.

This will be included as a series of articles that Securus will publish what they found against GTL. As a provider for telecommunications for the correctional facilities, Securus is more than a company out to make money. They put the customer’s best interest first and done in a safe and correct manner.


It’s the discretion of Securus that over the next six months will review multiple issues of systematic wrongdoings/potential wrongdoings by GTL. With this in mind to shame GTL into behaving in a more truthful and with higher integrity.

Even though the report filed by Louisiana Public Safety Commission is dated January, 1998, GTL has not stopped their cheating the customer by adjusting the length of all calls in their favor to make money. GTL continues to charge rates over those permitted and has continued this atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in their sector. GTL continues to double bill calls made.

Securus Technologies is home-based in Dallas, Texas and offers services to more than 3,450 in public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies, as well as over a million inmates across the United States.