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When my fugitive task force has to locate a dangerous suspect, every minute that passes could put a person or entire city in harm’s way. This month we were dealing with two brothers who were on the run but continuing with their criminal activities. The alarming part of this case was that these two fugitives had no problem broadcasting their crimes on social media. Whether holding up a gas station or stealing a car, they felt the need to put their crimes in the face of the authorities.


These two brothers were beginning to get more violent and they were daring officers to try and find them and be prepared to go to war at that point. These two would post pictures of each other waving guns at the camera and taking about taking out certain officers by name. The best thing that we could do was simply lay low and stop trying to get information or leads from family or friends because the word kept getting back to the suspects and irritated them even more.


Our local prison utilizes Securus Technologies and their inmate call monitoring system to help keep the peace in jail. This was a resource we hadn’t considered using in this case, but because we could work in the shadows, we decided to see if it could help us to crack the case. Listening to the inmates on the phone, it became apparent these two fugitives were really making a name for themselves. Many of their friends were in jail, and talking openly about where the brothers were hiding, who they were with, and what plans they had in the future.


After gathering evidence about the safe houses being used by these fugitives, we set up a surveillance and sprung into action while the brothers were asleep one morning and took them in without incident.


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