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Betsy DeVos is a government official who has a heart for society. One thing that she has a dream of achieving is solving social issues. There are a lot of social issues that arise in different communities. Among the communities that are faced with the most social issues are low income communities. Parents that are in low income communities are faced with a lot more concerns for their children. Often times, they have to settle for lower quality education because their children have to go to the schools that are very poor. Therefore, children are not only getting inadequate education, but are also forced to learn in dangerous environments.

Betsy DeVos has always not liked this fact. She herself has raised a family with her husband in Michigan. In order to get their children the highest quality of education possible, she has put forth her own money to send them to higher quality schools. During the time that she was taking her children to school, she got to meet with other parents in order to get to know the community. One thing that she has noticed is that not all parents that were taking their children to school was in a good position.

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Betsy was moved to know that some of the parents were making huge sacrifices in order to make sure that their children were getting the higher quality education needed. Dick and Betsy has taken it upon themselves to help them out with the financial support. This has eventually inspired Betsy to run a campaign in order to get the School Choice initiative going. With school choice, parents have the choice to send their children to different schools outside of the community that they are in if they need to be taken out of the community.

Betsy has shown that she is very thoughtful when it comes to the children and the families in her community. She has held different political offices with the thought of families in her mind. Her time in political offices was used to bring improvements to the educational systems so that children everywhere can learn in a safe and productive environment. Check her website for more info at

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