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Holding companies in the United States are known for their high profits and a huge number of clients. One of the most well-known holding companies in the United States is the Southridge Capital. The company managed to build their diversified investments and holdings through the years that they have been operating, and they are also known for managing their operations well. The financial firm transformed to accommodate a huge number of services that they offer to their clients, but the majority of those who are seeking their assistance came from the small-sized and the middle-sized companies. These companies are seeking assistance from the Southridge to get their hands on financial funding, and most of the time, their requests are approved, using it to grow their businesses.



The small and the middle market have always commended the holding firm for providing a chance for these businesses to grow. Without the funding that the Southridge Capital provides, these businesses would never be able to thrive. Another source of income for the company would be their global investments that began back in the year 1996. More than $1.8 billion worth of investments were attributed to the company, and according to their chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks, it is a necessary movement so that many businesses around the world would be able to enjoy the assistance from the Southridge Capital. Multiple partnerships began to take place, and the business partners that have signed with the company experienced the greatest improvement. For more details you can visit their twitter account.



The Southridge Capital continues to invite more business people to join and invest with them. Stephen Hicks also said that the company will now be signing more partnership contracts with different companies coming from various industries. One of the most recent businesses that signed a contract with them was the Dallas-based Elite Data Services Inc. The company is known for their software programs and other applications that will benefit the company. Additionally, the clients who have been working with the Southridge Capital will be experiencing technological changes within their company, and the software programs that will be developed by the Elite Data Services Inc. would help these businesses grow further. You can visit for more information.



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