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Southridge Capital a successful private equity financial investment firm provides its clients with needed financial solutions to navigate through business the landscape of organizational goals, balance sheet, and other primary operational needs with innovative approaches. Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion in companies that have allowed them to continue their growth and business operational goals and marketing aspirations for successful enhancements to their business success. You can check out Crunchbase to know more.


In fact, Southridge Capital has financed companies from around the globe totaling well over 250 in total. By providing the skills and technical analysis and resources to assist companies with their basic financial and intellectual needs to win and gain market share and profitable results, Southridge continues to deliver the needed resources and skills to generate profitable results. Some of the financial resources available within Southridge include tremendously structured financial statements and analysis for companies as well as balance sheet optimization that can generate the blueprint and stats to deliver valuable information and insight into the financial help of the companies. Restructuring analysis for companies that are having financial difficulties or that are heading into bankruptcy proceedings, Southridge Capital provides the necessary legal settlement solutions and services that can mitigate some of the cost and requirements needed to solidify a successful bankruptcy outcome. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital also plays a major part in credit enhancing services for its clients that provide solutions for companies to increase their ability to obtain proper credit resources and available liquidity to take advantage of day-to-day operational needs and future investment opportunities.


The Chief Executive Officer and President of Southridge Capital is Steven M Hicks who was the founder of the organization and continues to provide valuable leadership and advice for the company’s continued success. Steven Hicks is assisted with by Narine Persaud the CFO and Controller of the organization by providing the financial guidance and corporate governance over the organization for continued financial success as well. Southridge Capital continues to provide high-level resources and innovative solutions for its clients’ financial needs by delivering continued high-level analysis and evaluation techniques that deliver successful outcomes and profitable returns on investment for companies.

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