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Recently, Eva Moskowitz, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a group of charter schools, Success Academy was handed a victory against New York City by the appeals court. The court ruled that the City overstepped its mandate by imposing pre-K regulations on her network of charter schools. Eva Moskowitz also received the Broad Prize award due to her efforts of ensuring Success Academy has offered quality education to children from low-income families across the state of New York. Success has about 14,000 students, most of them from low-income earning families in NY.


Performance of Success Academy


Last year, Success recorded spectacular results in English Language Arts (ELA), where over 75 percent of its students scored above grade in reading. The school also recorded excellent results in math tests. Through Eva Moskowitz’s efforts, kids from less privileged families are competing with those rich families learning in the most affluent suburban institutions.


About the Broad Prize Award


Success Academy won the prestigious Broad Prize Award and received a grant of $250,000. According to Eva Moskowitz, the money would be used to help in the creation of college programs for students who graduate from Success Academy. Success is largely funded by wealthy individuals operating in the hedge fund industry.


About Eva Moskowitz


Eva Moskowitz founded Success Charter Network in 2006. Today, the network has 41 schools serving 14,000 students. Success Academy has been hailed by prominent individuals such as Joel Klein, the New York City Schools Chancellor, who said it is among the best charter schools in the United States. Also, Mayor Michael Bloomberg recognized the school for it exceptional performance. Eva Moskowitz previously served as the chair of New York City education committee. The experience gave her insights about the education system after visiting hundreds of schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz has a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.

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