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Talk Fusion is a company the helps people connect with each other wherever they are. Their products are about innovation in the area of video conferencing, social networking, and broadcasting and are sold around the world. Businesses and individuals increasingly use these video communication options. Product reviews highlight their ease of use and the level of customization available to suit each application.

For example, video email can be recorded with any video device and then uploaded to a saved video file via the Talk Fusion portal. The recording is then used to create a video email. The options include a custom made email or one that is made using a template. Once made, sending the video is exactly like sending an email, one recipient at a time or groups. Others products include Video Share and Fusion Wall (social media and next-generation social media), Video Auto Responder, Video Conference, Video Broadcast, Video Blog, and eSubscription Form.

The other unique aspect of Talk Fusion is they provide a direct marketing home based business opportunity. Talk Fusion can improve communications and create a separate income stream. A visionary named Bob Reina created the concept when he was looking for a way to email a short video clip to his pals. One of the major communications companies at the time told him it was impossible. He was not one to accept that answer, so he began working on making it possible.

After solving the problem, Bob put his twenty years of relationship marketing experience to work and created Talk Fusion. Reina’s strong leadership talents, focus on innovation, and his direct selling business model has gained attention. Talk Fusion is now one of the top video content providers in the world, and they continue to grow. He is also well-respected for his hands-on approach to civic responsibilities and philanthropic contributions.