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The two worlds of technology and fashion have always grown in relationship to each other. Fashion helps to create technology that is more fashionable and aesthetically appealing while technology helps fashion to create practical designs. The two industries, although different in nature, are complementary and inseparable. One can always improve upon areas in which the other lacks. The advancement of music is a great example. From the large and obtrusive boombox to the small and stylish iPod, as the technology advanced, so did the fashion surrounding the product.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an incubator for small businesses and startups. Burch grew up in Philadelphia and started his first business while still attending college. Brothers Chris and Bob Burch founded Eagle’s Eye apparel and began selling sweatshirts door to door at Ithaca College. They would purchase the sweatshirts for $10 and sell them for $15. What started out on a $2,000 investment eventually grew into a $165 million brand that eventually sold for $60 million to the Swire Group. Chris Burch continued his entrepreneurial ventures helping to establish the Tony Burch fashion brand. He scaled the business to become worth billions of dollars before selling his shares. In 2012, Chris Burch was named to Forbe’s list of the The World’s Billionaires.

The home decor and accessories brand C. Wonder was the first company that Burch founded under his new Burch Creative Capital business. The brand was later sold to Xcel Brands. Burch Creative Capital made one of their most popular investments in 2014 when they partnered with popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. The company worked closely with Ellen to design and market her ED lifestyle brand. Burch Creative Capital has worked closely with luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands such as Cocoon9, Voss Water, Chubbies and TRADEMARK among many others.

What sets Burch Creative Capital apart from their competition is the dedication and commitment they have to their clients. Chris Burch takes more pride in the trusting and nurturing relationship he develops with his clients, more so than the original investment or the overall success of the company. As an entrepreneur himself, Burch understands how critical creativity and passion are to the success of small businesses and startups. Through Burch Creative Capital, he seeks to create an environment within which his investments can thrive and grow. With decades of entrepreneurial experience, Chris Burch has a lot of expertise and advice with which to support his clients.

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