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The Chainsmokers have recently been featured in several articles on that highlight their rise to fame and fortune over the last 2 years. The Chainsmokers duo is comprised of Drew Taggart (Age 28) and Alex Pall (Age 32). According to Forbes, the groups earnings for 2018 will be an astounding $45.5 million dollars. This puts them at #2 on the world’s highest paid DJ’s for 2018. This is an astonishing feat considering the duo has only really been on the Dance and Electronic scene for a little over 2 years! Very few DJ’s have rise to such fame in a short period of time!

In fact, The Chainsmokers have been so successful that they have bested fellow DJ’s; notably Steve Aoki, Diplo and David Guetta. In fact, Forbes ranks them currently #59 on the Celebrity Top 100. The hit single entitled “Closer” back in 2016 is really what put this group on the map.

Despite having several top 10 hits years prior, “Closer” exploded to the top of Hot 100 back in the summer of 2016. This single was so unbelievably successful that it ultimately lasted as the fourth longest #1 hit in U.S History. It was even #1 among all genre singles back in 2016 for a dozen “consecutive frames.” It won numerous awards and even earned a Grammy Nomination.

Furthermore, “Closer” was so successful, not only on the Electronic and Dance Charts, but across all genres. Just in the last few months, “Closer” has reached “Diamond” status. Diamond status is equivalent to 10 times platinum or 10 million units sold. Not only is the single “Closer” surpassing anyone’s expectations, but the Chainsmokers debut album “Memories..Do Not Open” was on the Dance and Electronic Chart at #1 for the third longest amount of time in history.

The Chainsmokers gained even more mainstream attention by appearing on a recent September episode of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! They are pictured in the article on Forbes holding their “Diamond Status” award. Hard to imagine that a single could go 10 times platimum. It will interesting to see if they can continue such amazing success in 2019 and beyond!

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